Welcome to 21 cents a litre, a site for the everyday classic vehicle.

One winter I was on my way home from work, waiting in the rain to cross the street, when a Citroen 2CV came trundling by. Its wipers going full speed, its headlamps just barely showing the way, the side windows half fogged up, and  it made me wonder why people own the cars they do? What drives them to choose something that is in so many ways worse than something newer or more modern?

Inspired, I decided to start a site that would showcase the classic (or at least older) cars that are still used as they were first intended, that are driven even if there is rain or slush, and about the people who so lovingly keep the wheels turning.

I hope you enjoy it, and if you know anyone (or you are someone) that keeps an older well-loved car on the road let me know!

Happy motoring everyone!