Welcome to 21 cents a litre

Welcome to 21 cents a litre.

I started this site to showcase the everyday classic, cars, trucks, scooters, or motorcycles that may not be worth half a million dollars or one of fifty made but are still, what many, would consider special in some way. Vehicles that are still used and loved long past the time most would have moved on to a newer, better model.


Older vehicles are special to many people, the design and simplicity are things that are rare today. New vehicles are better in almost every measurable way, most new hatchbacks are faster and more fuel-efficient than almost anything made in the 1970s but new cars are missing something.  It could just be a collective sense of nostalgia for a time we didn’t really know, or simply a dislike for anything new and different, whatever the case there will always be people who choose the less practical option, and I applaud them.


The winter rain and snow is keeping many of even the most dedicated drivers of older cars off the roads around Vancouver right now, but as the weather warms and the vehicles start to come out from garages and sheds I will try to document them and display them here.


Thank you for the read and again, welcome to 21 cents a litre.

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